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A List of Processes used to Read, Sample, and Quantize data values from conventional data sources.
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First Not Null Geometry Provider Production {0FD362D5-501E-4CD7-ADB0-9EE1C99B64BE} Provides a geometry for a given IRecord based on the first available input geometry provider. FirstNotNullGeometryProvider  
Constant attribute Production {782659BF-AF07-4dad-AD31-CABC9ADBFB29} Returns a constant attribute. ConstantFieldCalculator  
GDAL File Reader Production {73B180AB-100B-4742-BE18-045F1DEF4B95} A Geospatial file opened by the GDAL library GDALFileProcess PYXIS Wiki 
Spatial Reference System Production {7BE2766C-3B77-44e1-B15F-76D8F6E54D06} Defines a 'Spatial Reference System' (datum projection etc) for a data file. SRSProc PYXIS Wiki 
Data File Production {7B50BE20-F6A5-401e-8E76-98C5226DAF0D} A local or network file resource PathProcess PYXIS Wiki 
File Link Production {BB6C61B0-67E2-4072-8A6C-D24AE68F5B0E} A uniform resource locator (URL) for web locations. UrlProcess PYXIS Wiki 
Nearest Neighbour Sampler Production {D612004E-FC51-449a-B0D6-1860E59F3B0D} Acquires the input value that is closest to the centre of cell being requested. NearestNeighbourSampler PYXIS Wiki 
Bilinear Sampler Production {46C8C829-9CFE-469e-93DF-F9688B83BB09} Interpolates the matrix of 4 cells closest to the requested cell BilinearSampler PYXIS Wiki 
Bicubic Sampler Production {175AB4E6-BDE1-4c30-9C80-BC9A31E45058} Interpolates the matrix of 16 cells closest to the requested cell BicubicSampler PYXIS Wiki 
OGR File Reader Production {C621458A-9E1D-41eb-B01E-C0569743C0B8} A feature extension to the GDAL library. OGRProcess PYXIS Wiki 
WMS Reader Production {F5E595F7-B58B-4d23-AC2B-865829306E10} WMS geospatial data opened by the GDAL library GDALWMSProcess PYXIS Wiki 
Attribute Query Beta {5CA647A5-DA16-4a30-A6AC-0CA6369035FD} A feature collection comprised of features that satisfy the query AttributeQuery  
GDAL Multi Coverage Beta {49288859-ED22-413b-B892-441D99FBAA6B} A collection of Geospatial files opened by the GDAL library GDALMultiProcess  
User Credentials Production {34A7E82B-E78F-48fd-8B19-9B024D5E4E7F} Provides user credentials. UserCredentialsProviderProcess  
Bicubic Sampler With Null Production {80B2DD06-1A5F-40EE-A9C7-FEB3B658A80C} Interpolates the matrix of 16 cells closest to the requested cell supporting null values within the sampling points. BicubicSamplerWithNull  
Standard Sampler Production {03A11842-7EE9-400e-9CA1-A4942E99E8FE} Converts (x,y) data into PYXIS cells with smooth interpolation for oversampled data. ClampedSampler  
Standard Sampler With Null Production {E414C479-4E9A-423F-AA17-6ABF54967705} Converts (x,y) data into PYXIS cells with smooth interpolation for oversampled data. ClampedSamplerWithNull  
XYCoverage Value Translator Production {B26A382D-151C-4149-8F03-00C1740E56B4} Translates values from XYCoverage. XYCoverageTranslatorProcess  
WFS Reader Production {AA47A7D3-6749-4bd4-99B4-9B4B6CF3EF9C} Reads features from a WFS server. OGRWFSProcess  
WCS Reader (Old) Legacy {77E0108B-BD6C-41ae-AD9A-BDD0AA303793} Opens WCS geospatial data using the GDAL library. GDALWCSProcess  
WCS Reader Production {3C11ACF7-AD4B-4bf5-A7FA-98ADCD454FDC} Opens WCS geospatial data read by the GDAL library. GDALWCSProcessV2  
GeoServices Feature Server Reader Production {88C80CEE-5EBE-4472-8E5F-FF0D6DD0A935} Reads features from a GeoServices feature server. OGRFeatureServerProcess  
Bing map Production {68EDBF04-72BD-4009-B388-834B8A6AE3C5} Processes Bing base map. GDALBingProcess  
OWS Coverage Network Resource Production {9C99E17D-7E87-4D3C-9970-4058F18C674F} Access overage that can be downloaded from the network. OwsCoverageNetworkResourceProcess  
OWS Feature Network Resource Production {428B2314-B45E-4B5D-B863-D69FD0C8A145} Access features collection that can be downloaded from the network. OwsVectorNetworkResourceProcess  
GRD98 File Reader Legacy {751D51B6-4B30-4bdc-8DCD-AFBBF056B96F} Reads Geodas gridded data format. GRD98Process  
GRIB File Reader Production {66794B66-6449-4946-AC21-71FDAA7D5FB4} Reads gridded binary weather data. GRIBProcess  
CSV File Reader Legacy {47FECD88-7C9D-4DEC-9DE0-DBEA84DF4768} Read CSV file into a record collection. CsvRecordCollectionProcess  
CSV File Reader V2 Production {D2178619-22AF-4F74-8E3B-CF9B5DC0A18B} Read CSV file into a record collection. CsvRecordCollectionProcess_v2  
Excel File Reader Production {44978732-EB73-46a0-81DA-B556F6E19C95} Read Excel file into a record collection. ExcelProcess  
Features Summary Geometry Filter Production {93CD5A3B-26CB-4643-9CE8-CFAC201447DF} Filtesr a features group by a geometry. FeaturesSummaryGeometryFilter  
Features Summary Filter Production {94253CD3-AB9B-4c05-84D2-634FF31969F1} Filters a features group by features properties. FeaturesSummaryAttributeRangeFilter  
CSV File Reader v1 Legacy {B254DEB4-535A-4176-AB1D-56A76EC31E80} Read CSV file into a record collection. CsvRecordCollectionProcess_v1  
Feature Collection Geometry Provider Production {BFFF86DE-90F9-4EA6-9BC1-60075FD91E79} Provides a geometry for a given IRecord based on the input feature collection. FeatureCollectionGeometryProvider  
Geotag Record Collection Production {11E2EBE8-71D3-4D9B-B01A-308BFBB76F71} Adds a geo-spatial tag to non geo-spatial data. GeotagRecordCollection  
Point Location Geometry Provider Production {5EFB4E9F-7D13-4808-A9A4-058AD38A5DC2} Provides a geometry for a given IRecord based on the location information on the record (e.g. lat lon etc). PointGeometryProvider  
Comparison Condition Production {E1DAB3AB-F9D2-4550-9FAA-C8A1279E0B1A} Acts as a condition. FeatureConditionCalculator  
Feature Field to Coverage Production {4C99372D-E391-4ca2-A834-725BB9013079} Rasterizes input features of a coverage. FeatureFieldRasterizer  
Feature to Coverage Legacy {90A2B533-CFD2-4afb-AA89-8AD9A4E8FCB8} Rasterizes input features of a coverage. FeatureRasterizer  
Styled Feature to Coverage Production {E82F5DB8-3BF9-48b5-B529-64BB7819DD38} Rasterizes input features of a coverage. StyledFeatureRasterizer  
Union Legacy {294519A9-9EC7-41fe-82CE-83AB0B1DC2AC} Creates a feature collection comprised of features whose geometries are united with that of a reference feature. Union  
Feature Collection Resolution Filter Legacy {C7F50295-9883-4eb6-BE81-55347C96FAFE} Creates a feature collection that filters input feature collections based on resolution. FeatureCollectionResolutionFilter  
Add Field Production {DF99F5EE-4C75-41c2-AC08-E3F5DEB808D1} Adds a field to a feature group. ModifyFeaturePropertiesProcess  
Filter Features Production {3679A9BC-5111-4238-BA8B-5F441DA7AB5B} Filters features of a feature collection using a set of conditions. FeatureCollectionFilter  
Equals Production {62EBF561-9A7D-43dc-8912-819B27C8FB71} Creates a feature collection comprised of features equal to a reference feature. Equals  
Intersects Production {3952AB85-93AB-4918-8984-7FBC897804A8} Creates a feature collection comprised of features intersecting a reference feature. Intersects  
Intersection Legacy {04B24097-E91E-4bf9-9970-7E59ECFB7C36} Creates a feature collection comprised of features intersecting a reference feature and whose geometries include only the intersecting region. Intersection  
Feature Colourizer Legacy {593DBFEE-28E7-42ab-9853-FF3946118D6D} Colourizes the input feature of a raster. FeatureColourizer  
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