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A List of Transformation Processes implemented in the PYXIS DGGS SDK
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Shaded Relief from Normal Production {76FEEB10-69F8-4af9-8A22-FFDEFB72F552} A coverage that takes normal values and converts them to RGB color. NormalToRGBProcess  
Greyscale to RGB Legacy {BC985EE7-B31E-4c2a-B9AA-3419276A6B3A} A coverage with all greyscale values of its input coverages converted to RGB values GreyscaleToRGBProcess  
Shaded Relief Production {D8BFF3F3-4FFB-4676-A93D-2E6161580052} A coverage that returns a shaded image based on the slope of its input coverages. HillShader  
Zoom in Process Beta {18215D3B-64C9-4e14-9B41-A63018219F22} Subdivides the grid to a higher resolution from n to n + 1 resolutions. PYXZoomInProcess  
Zoom out Process Beta {41F333BF-2C1C-41be-BD72-090AB583AAD6} Aggregates cells from resolution n to n - 1 PYXZoomOutProcess  
Colourizer Production {8B64253C-7DA2-4d0c-988A-1148BADFF24F} A coverage that colours an input coverage across a range of values Colourizer  
Lua Coverage Production {FFC4F5C3-979F-42d3-95D0-04078E65F5B4} A coverage that is processed through an arbitrary amount of Lua code. LuaCoverage  
Calculator Production {FDA4208F-0042-4b4b-86A8-B4DBEFA43733} A coverage that returns a result based on a mathematical formula performed on its input coverages. Calculator PYXIS Wiki 
Blender Production {00B7D55E-433A-4767-9C77-B5E276762A97} A coverage that blends multiple input coverages into a single output coverage. Blender PYXIS Wiki 
Select First Value Production {79E1D5B2-F816-449e-876B-9EAF0B1CE118} A coverage that returns the first non-null value of its input coverages. FirstNonNull PYXIS Wiki 
Channel Selector Production {16B34600-CB76-4613-B3B4-7D1B3C4FB499} Selects which channel to view from input. ChannelSelectorProcess PYXIS Wiki 
Channel Combiner Production {6BCC2C4D-1353-442b-A7B2-6D57ED42C12D} A coverage that combines multiple input coverages into a single coverage with multiple fields. ChannelCombiner PYXIS Wiki 
Band Pass Filter Production {70000EED-659A-4903-B54D-13A22AF5A5EC} Only allow a certain range of values through the filter. BandPassFilter PYXIS Wiki 
Mask by Area Production {33DED4C7-3FEC-409e-B476-536585F595DB} Masks input coverage based on a mask geometry. CoverageGeometryMaskProcess PYXIS Wiki 
Mask by Value Production {6C52C788-46B3-4324-B451-B3FCA6D771E0} Masks input coverage based on mask Coverage CoverageMaskProcess PYXIS Wiki 
Resolution Filter Production {FE0A6DAD-AA1E-4489-9AAB-24564CF39A2C} A coverage that filters input coverages based on resolution. ResolutionFilter PYXIS Wiki 
Multi-Resolution Spatial Analysis Process Beta {AF57FF42-F97E-4cea-B60D-FA89A9CEB779} Applies a multi-resolutional spectral analysis algorithm to input. MultiResSpatialAnalysisProcess  
Blur Process Beta {32C48166-6FDB-46fc-9FAB-705E7469F9A4} Applies a blurring algorithm to input BlurProcess  
Elevation to Nomal Production {DB041009-1DA3-4f8e-AA28-0E8EFBA5F6F8} A coverage that takes elevation values and converts them to surface normal. ElevationToNormalProcess  
Open Beta class morphological open operation   
Close Beta class morphological close operation   
Dilation Beta class morphological dilation operation   
Erosion  Beta class morphological erosion operation   
PYX Fourier Transform Diamond Beta class PYXFftDiamondFilter, is a wrapper filter for the PYXFourierTransformDiamond. This class is the fourier filter, providing access to the coverage in both the spatial domain, before the fourier transform, and the frequency domain, after the transform.   
PYX Fourier Transform Hexagon Beta class PYXFFTHexagonFilter, is a wrapper filter for the PYXFourierTransformHexagon. This class is the fourier filter, providing access to the coverage in both the spatial domain, before the fourier transform, and the frequency domain, after the transform.   
Showing 25 items