A List of Selector Processes implemented in the PYXIS DGGS SDK:
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Watershed flow calculator Production {4BC01EC7-191B-4983-BB5C-3709B4F7AFC9} Calculates a watershed flow for a given geometry based on elevation coverage. WatershedFlowProcess  
Watershed calculator Production {4D367363-2421-4DF2-AD97-529A4EDDE0A8} Calculates a watershed for a given geometry based on elevation coverage. WatershedProcess  
Intersection Legacy {04B24097-E91E-4bf9-9970-7E59ECFB7C36} Creates a feature collection comprised of features intersecting a reference feature and whose geometries include only the intersecting region. Intersection  
Equals Production {62EBF561-9A7D-43dc-8912-819B27C8FB71} Creates a feature collection comprised of features equal to a reference feature. Equals  
Intersects Production {3952AB85-93AB-4918-8984-7FBC897804A8} Creates a feature collection comprised of features intersecting a reference feature. Intersects  
Union Legacy {294519A9-9EC7-41fe-82CE-83AB0B1DC2AC} Creates a feature collection comprised of features whose geometries are united with that of a reference feature. Union  
Region (Binary Format) Production {2309AE25-FE1A-482f-9642-D2ADD1520629} A Single Feature Process. Generate a single process with Metadata and Geometry NamedGeometryProc  
Cell Production class generate cell geometry PYXCell  
Tile Production class generate a tile geometry PYXTile  
Tile Collection Production class PYXTileCollection provides a container as well as some useful query functions on a group of PYXTile objects that have the same cell resolution.  PYXTileCollection  
Where query Production class Where is it query PYXWhere  
Projected bounding box geometry Production class representing bounds in native coordinate system. PYXXYBoundsGeometry  
PYXVectorGeometry Production class vector regions representation as collection of cell PYXVectorGeometry2   
Children Iterator Production class Iterates over the children of a PYXIS cell PYXChildIterator  
Neighbour Iterator Production class Iterates over the neighbour cells PYXNeighbourIterator  
Fourier Diamond Iterator Production class Iterates over all the cells on a diamond PYXFourierDiamondIterator  
Fourier Hexagonal Iterator  Production class  iterates over a group of cells to form a hexagon PYXHexagonalIterator   
Spiral Iterator Production class Iterate outwards in a spiraling hexagon pattern to fill a parent hexagon PYXSpiralIterator  
Exhaustive Iterator  Production class Iterates through all the cells at a given resolution. PYXExhaustiveIterator   
Progressive Iterator Production class A PYXProgressiveIterator iterates through all cells with the given root index in breadth-first order, enumerating first the highest-order (leftmost) sub-index digit, then the next-highest, and so on to the lowest-order (rightmost) digit. PYXProgressiveIterator  
Distance Bound Voronoi Region Beta class Create Geometry from input FeatureCollection with maximum distance limit.   
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