A list of Utility Processes implemented at DGGS SDK.  Utility Process are used for development and other miscellaneous tasks.
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Features Summary Production {E6C3802D-E7B3-431c-A41F-FBAB79E1CA2D} A feature collection that filters input feature collections based on resolution. FeaturesSummary  
Feature Collection Production {DEF42C63-F377-4065-8C58-7215FBA45222} Combines multiple features into a feature collection FeatureCollectionProcess  
Concat Features Beta {BBDCA91A-083E-4a86-B694-6E808A62DC07} A feature collection comprised of all features of its input feature collections. ConcatFeatures  
Generic Feature Beta {27BDE94F-02F9-41d6-8766-9E6355DB09E2} A generic feature object. Used mainly for testing. DeafultFeature  
Generic Feature Collection Beta {B081C169-869B-483e-B85B-4AF25B4104B6} A generic collection of feature objects. Used mainly for testing. DefaultFeatureCollection  
Process Collection Production {F9C16F11-D897-4ce2-A6EC-70E286F0D194} An arbitrary grouping of processes. ProcessCollectionProc  
Tool Box Provider Production {D7D6DDE7-E439-46b9-A075-0A16FF9DC64F} A set of processes to be used at the Pipeline Editor. ToolBoxProviderProc  
Rectangle Region Production {69D60C62-9666-43bf-994E-D8574D050A91} A single feature process whose region is a rectangle defined by the attributes. XYBoundsRegionProc  
WPS Process Beta auto generated (ToolBoxProvider) WPS Process WPS Process  
Select Feature By Id Production {D6B564E3-6D66-40A4-AB5F-F7D068568D31} extract a single feature from a feature collection by the feature ID. SelectFeatureByIdProcess  
Index a Feature Collection Beta {AFE6F82A-8E82-41CA-9764-B45DA5264D76} A process that Index a Feature Collection. FeatureCollectionIndexProcess  
Bitmap Reader Beta {5A0BC809-48AF-4152-B22A-E12ED3A059E7} Loads a Bitmap from a file or url. BitmapProcess  
Divide Bitmap into Grid Beta {8010AE74-DC26-41cd-907F-93EA4D07AD90} Divides the input bitmap into a grid of sub-bitmaps. BitmapGridProcess  
Bitmap Crop Beta {AABE9E2A-9A50-42f8-A9F8-7DFBE2C5C3A9} Crop an input bitmap BitmapCropProcess  
ViewPoint Process Legacy {85ECCFCB-1D9B-4DF9-807F-391D03FCB1FB} Specifies a combination of pipelines to display in a ViewPoint ViewPointProcess  
Camera View Legacy {C2FEA4BA-A73E-4ad0-85D2-349018E92DB4} A way of storing a camera location portion of a ViewPoint.   
Coverage Cache Production {83F35C37-5D0A-41c9-A937-F8C9C1E86850} Cache all data retrieval to increase performance. PYXCoverageCache PYXIS Wiki 
Bad Value Beta {BF12B7D4-9FC7-4640-A5C5-141C97EB4639} A coverage data set that will not initialize (for testing). BadCoverage PYXIS Wiki 
Constant Value Beta {8517369E-B91F-46be-BC8A-82E3F414D6AA} A global data set that is constant across its geometry. ConstCoverage PYXIS Wiki 
Region (Binary Format) Production {2309AE25-FE1A-482f-9642-D2ADD1520629} A Single Feature Process. Generate a single process with Metadata and Geometry NamedGeometryProc PYXIS Wiki 
Null Value Beta {DACC06A2-D564-4b2b-ACBE-112B001D213F} A global data set of NULL values NullCoverage PYXIS Wiki 
Checkerboard Coverage Production {1716ED04-9238-42f6-9CC2-C0749A828CA8} A global data set that returns different colours for vertex origin and pentagon cells. CheckerCoverage PYXIS Wiki 
Georeferenced File Beta {54F44709-AD41-4197-B91E-08860C25F9FE} Geo references a file on the PYXIS Grid GeoRerefencedFileProcess  
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